Why are german women not keen on mothership?

In Germany it is very difficult to be a mother. For her husband she shall look like a model and be as clever as a university professor and she shall bring money home like a banker.
Of course she shall help her child to become a superwoman like herself or superman in school as well as in sports and in culture.

Because mothers want to be perfect, they never have enough time because of so many problems, they are responsible for like family, partner, money, care for sick grandparents and they are socially isolated because they have no time to talk.

Every 5th mother has to raise her children alone, most are working because they need money to live and have to care for their old age pension by themselves.

The result is that tenthousends brake down, have a burnout, cannot sleep anymore, have backaches, allergies and so on.

In 2012 came 44000 mothers into clinics for recovering.
No wonder that German women are not keen on Mothership.

Hier steht es so ähnlich auf deutsch:



4 Kommentare zu “Why are german women not keen on mothership?

  1. Tja, die Erwartungen, sowohl die eigenen als auch die von außen, an eine Mutter sind sehr hoch, nahezu unerreichbar, zumindest wenn die Frau auch noch ein eigenes Leben und eine Partnerschaft leben will.

    Gefällt mir

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