Shakti and Shiva


I visited God in his Garden. I asked him, why he watches carelessly how the flower of love is willfully destroyed.

This is what I understood from His lyrics:

God Shiva is rather indifferent towards the material world. He just sits there without movement and doesn`t change himself absolutely. He is pure consciousness- unchangeable. Our cosmic play doesn`t touch the Almighty.

Only Shakti, in her multiple incarnations moves. She creates, maintains and destroys the world.

Goddess Devi, the most important Shakti is the Creator of the universe, she is Mother Nature. She is the basic power of life. Her bones are the mountains. Rivers are her veins. The ocean is her bladder. Sun and Moon are her eyes. The wind is her breath. Agni is her mouth…

Shiva and Shakti are inseparable connected to another.

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