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The Gods vanished from Hindu Temple

Did you sometimes have the feeling that an angel has personalized into a human being or into an animal?

He helps you in a certain situation or over a difficult period of time. But one day the person or the animal dies or goes away or changes into the opposite and does not bring delight to you anymore.

So it happened the 8th of August 2012, when I came to a Hindu- temple near Stuttgart and the gods where gone. I could not feel them anymore. There was no puja going on. A feeling of emptiness pervaded the room.

But once they where there:

The first time I visited the Hindu- temple it was overwhelming. A huge wallpainting decorated the room with the world of the gods. It was so pretty, that the gods must have helped to paint it.


The gods where everywhere in the big clouds of burnt incense. I saw the Planetgods,


the god of fire and many others…


At another wall I saw the offerings for the deities and everything was decorated nicely.

A women sang a Kirtan for the gods with an angel`s voice.

The priest were ceremoniously painted, with special stripes and golden embroidered dresses. They surrounded the Homa (sacrificial fire) clockwise and the Hindus followed. They took me with them and we had leaves of flowers in our hands. The priest sang beautiful Mantras to the honour of the gods like Kali, Sarasvati, Laksmi, Vishnu, Ganesha…They are all incarnations of one God. So Vishnu is the male part and Sarasvati the female part of God and Lakshmi is the female part of Vishnu.

Then the priest rang a bell for Aarti- ceremony to gain the attention of the gods. Three times he moved the oillamp circular in front of the statue and then towards the people. They put their hands first over the flame then to their forehead to bring the god within themselves.

The priests took the offerings and spent the sanctuary of the gods. Therefore they painted on our foreheads a dot of vibhuti. That is holy ash. We got also little yellow and white dots of kukkum powder, which looked like Shivasigns. Now we were protected by the gods. We drank sweet tetrapack milk from our palms and the priest put leaves of flowers behind our ears.

The statues of the gods were awakened with temple music and we chose the mantras from a mantramachine. I was allowed to wash the gods with tetrapack milk, while singing OM and whispering their names into their ears.

During the day they got prasad to eat and in the evening they got their beautiful pyjamas on and were brought to bed.

Once a year the main god of the temple is pulled in a huge wooden carriot around the block to bring blessings.

I hope the gods will come back one day.

Agamani is as well as devotional songs as a fantastic tale of human emotions and love . The music in which gods turn to humans and humans to god :